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If you have knee injuries or conditions that require a knee replacement, you’re in excellent hands with Dr. Struan Coleman. Dr. Coleman provides expert knee replacement procedures for patients from all over the US at his New York City-based practice. He helps athletes and non-athletes alike to get back to pain-free living with new knees.

Knee Replacement Q & A

Why are knee replacements needed?

Knees are the most common part of the body to deteriorate and are the most common joint replacement performed on the body. While conservative methods are often implemented initially to avoid a knee replacement, certain conditions require a replacement to reduce pain on the individual. These conditions include an inability to complete activities of daily living due to knee pain,such as walking, using stairs, difficulty sleeping, or overall pain and discomfort. Additionally, deterioration of the cartilage between the knee joints is not repairable on its own and requires replacement to gain relief. Dr. Coleman is a leader in knee replacement and thanks to his extensive experience can provide expert opinion to determine whether a knee requires replacement.

What happens during knee replacement surgery?

Dr. Coleman first determines what portion of the knee has deteriorated and evaluates a patient for a full or partial knee replacement. Three main areas of the knee are examined. These areas include the portion connected to the femur or thigh bone, the portion connected to the tibia or lower leg bone, and the patella or kneecap. If certain portions of the knee are determined to be acceptable, they are preserved for the patient. Once the knee is evaluated, artificial parts are composed to match the size and shape of the existing knee. These parts are typically made of metal alloys, though plastic or ceramics can be used. The damaged parts are removed via surgery and replaced with the artificial parts. Expertise is required due to the level of use that a person puts on the knee and poorly fitting parts can result in more pain and distress for the patient. Dr. Coleman is highly skilled in evaluating damaged knees and replacing them in a way that brings relief to the patient.

What happens during knee replacement recovery?

After surgery, the knee is evaluated for effectiveness and fit. Once swelling has reduced and sutures healed, a patient undergoes several weeks of physical therapy. During physical therapy, the patient is taught how to walk on the new knee, and practices in the clinic. Additionally, the patient builds muscle tone and strength in the knee so mobility will not be impaired. Dr. Coleman meets with the patient on follow up visits to ensure that all is going smoothly and no revisions are required.  


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