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Struan Coleman, MD, PhD

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If you need shoulder replacement surgery, Dr. Struan Coleman offers expert surgical procedures at his practice in New York City. Dr. Coleman is an Ivy League trained and gifted orthopedic surgeon with many years of experience helping patients get back to their normal routine with effective shoulder replacement procedures.

Shoulder Replacement Q & A

What is shoulder replacement surgery?  

Shoulder replacement surgery is the act of repairing and replacing deteriorated bones of the scapula and humerus in the shoulder joint. When these bones become damaged or broken, pain during rotation of the shoulder can disrupt a patient’s life. These replacement parts, often made of metal and plastic, are then reconnected to the rest of the shoulder girdle to allow for improved movement and reduced pain for the patient. Dr. Coleman has significant experience in shoulder repair and replacement. Dr. Coleman works with many athletes and non-athletes who have injured their shoulders or suffered from degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. He performs shoulder replacement surgeries to help his patients to lead pain-free and active lives, doing what they love. 

Why are shoulder replacement surgeries performed?

As a patient ages, his or her joints can often become injured or damaged. This is especially common in athletes of high impact sports or sports with high repetition of actions such as baseball pitchers or tennis players. Patients often seek remedies to shoulder pain before shoulder replacement is indicated. Numerous tests are implemented such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans to evaluate the damage to the shoulder and determine treatment. Dr. Coleman works with each patient on an individual basis to determine what their needs are and provide the finest surgical expertise to treat these needs.

What happens after shoulder replacement surgery?

Shoulder surgery can be more complex than other joint replacements due to the complicated muscle structure of the shoulder joint and the multiple directions a shoulder can move with the arm. Due to this, the shoulder is typically immobilized following surgery to allow for the ideal environment to heal the sutures and stabilize the joint. Once healing has begun, the patient undergoes physical therapy to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the joint. As the shoulder continues to improve, the patient notes less pain, improved flexibility, improved range of motion, and strength not felt before the surgery. Dr. Coleman provides the highest quality care for all patients requiring shoulder surgery and enjoys helping patients regain the life that they lost due to the injury.


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